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In 1952, after the construction of the new ski jump, Ursula and Oskar Wesche pioneered the gastronomic development of the Wurmberg. They set up a small, simple but smart restaurant, the Turmstübchen, in the middle of the ski jump tower.

Since there was still no access road and no cable car, drinks and food had to be carried up the mountain. A short time later, Oskar Wesche built a goods lift that reached from the run-out of the ski jump to the top of the mountain. This lift could now be used to transport goods for the Turmstübchen and later for the Wurmbergbaude.

In 1957, Oskar Wesche built a water pipe himself, which pumped water from a distant, lower-lying spring to the hilltop. Before that, the water had been brought up the mountain in containers by freight lift.

After the small tower parlour was no longer sufficient for the constantly growing number of visitors, a larger restaurant, the Wurmbergbaude, was built at the foot of the tower in 1959.

It was constantly expanded and modernised in the following decades.