Hiking - a new sense of being

The Harz is a unique natural and cultural landscape. It is worthwhile to wander for all Harz clients, whether large or small, whether old or young, they offer excellent hiking experiences in every season. Laboured hiking tours have been marked and signposted by “Harzklub”.

See the Harz from its most beautiful side ...

On some days in the year it happens to the clouds hanging so low that the Wurmberg’s top is above the clouds. Please remind that the weather in the valley mostly is completely different to the weather on the Wurmberg’s top. Or remain even longer and admire one of the many beautiful sunsets.


From the Wurmberg’s summit you have not only a unique view to the summit of the Brocken, which is the highest mountain with 1142m altitude in the Harz.  From here you have a 360degree panoramic view far into the Harz foreland. On a clear day you can see far from the lookout tower of the ski jump, the Kyfhuser Mountains, the Thuringian Forest and the Magdeburg lowlands.


GPS guided hiking tours are provided in Braulage.

You find the information you need here:


Braunlage via "Schanzen Treppe" (ski jump stairs)  > 4,9km
Braunlage via road  > 6,1km
Braunlage at the cable car > 3,9km
Schierke via "Schanzen Treppe" (ski jump stairs)  > 3,9km oder 6,6km
Elend via "Schanzen Treppe" (ski jump stairs) >  6,1km
parking place "Kaffeehorst" via "Schanzen Treppe" (ski jump stairs)  > 2,6km
Brocken via "Dreieckiger Pfahl"  > 9,5km

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